My name is Susanne Autzen and I live in the south/west of Denmark very near by Ribe and the wonderful nature of the wadden sea.


I got my affix CEPOS in 2010 and started my breeding with two black and tan bitches, Cavalier Vittrup's Frida (2009) and Campanard's Izabella (2010). Those two girls have been a valuable starting point for me and in the spring of 2012 my first litter was born. Since then, I have had the honor to raise 8 wonderful litters in my home.

At the moment I share life with 5 beautiful dogs, 1 boy and 4 girls. All of them are loving family members living life with wind in the coat and mud on their feet. Every day we use nature to keep all of us fit, happy and healthy :-)

My aim and ambition is to produce healthy, well constructed and glamorous dogs that fit well into the breed standard.


For every litter my hope is to breed for longevity - not only for the next generation, but also I have a humble hope to give my bit of contribution to the long term sustainability of the breed.

Suanne Autzen | cavalier king charles spaniels


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