August 2022

The side with news have been snoozing for a year. 


A few highlights to mention:


Saga has gained two titles; LUCH and DKCH.

1 month short of 8 years old and after a long break from the show ring Beau added LUCH to his titles. On top of this he has with 8 years still clear heart. 

My youngster Signe has grown up to a beautiful girl and Kamma and Frida both still fit for fight at 12 years of age.

June 2021

1st of June I brought Kamma and Beau for heart auscultation by cardiologist. And they both got the very best results:


Kamma 11 years: clear

Beau 7 years: clear

Especially Kamma's result made me happy!


Pictured left is Kamma (Campanard's Izabella) just one week short of 11 years.


Januar 2021:

Sidst i december fødte Saga 5 dejlige hvalpe. 3 piger og 2 drenge. Hele forløbet har hun klaret til UG og det er en stor nydelse at have huset fyldt med små poter.


Faren til kuldet er Ch Cavalierbyen Hot Hazel Harley. En smuk ruby med et dejligt temperament.

Alle hvalpe er solgt og jeg planlægger ikke flere kuld i 2021.

December 2020:

2020 has been a year with very few updates and activities.


On the picture my gang anno 2020: 

Campanard's Izabella (10 y)

Cavalier Vittrup's Frida (11 y)

Cepos Barbabeau (6 y)

Cepos Gabbie Rae (2 y)



June 2020:

I am very happy to announce some great health results; 

BEAU has passed his 6 years heart examination (auscultation and doppler), which means he is now life time approved for breeding according to the danish heart scheme.

During the spring SAGA passed all health tests with flying colours (heart, MRI, eyes, patella, DNA). 

April 2020:


Saga has turned 18 months old and she is slowly starting to look like a young lady. Her page is updated with some new photos.

On the photo: her favourite thing after training is to steal the clicker and run away with it :-) 

At the moment I get a lot of puppy requests. For your information I have no planned litters for 2020. 


December 2019:

2019 has almost come to an end. For me a quiet year, where most time has been spend enjoying my dogs in everyday life.


I want to wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year to all my puppy buyers, breeder colleagues, family and friends in Denmark and abroad.   

JUL 2019.PNG

August 2019:

Cepos | cavalier king charles spaniels

One more time we can celebrate a Canadian Champion.

Grown up to a handsome boy and with the same sweet and gentle personality as his dad Beau, Gustof is the second boy from our canadian litter to become champion.


Couldn't be more proud!

Ch Kewpy's Cepos Gustof

Sire: Ch Cepos Barbabeau

Dam: Kewpy's Fame Monster

Owner and breeder: Karen Wills, CA


May 2019:

On the 13th of May Beau became the very proud dad of a lovely litter of 9 puppies in kennel "Spark of Hope" in Germany. 5 girls and 4 boys! 

I am really happy for this special litter abroad and look forward to see them grow up. I hope each and every one of them will fulfill dreams and hopes for both families and breeders in future.  

January 2019:


It was not an easy decision to choose a keeper from the two girls in my last litter.

But as my heart is primarily for the black and tan - of course she was the one! 

Her pet name is SAGA and she now has her own page.

My three other girls have all retired from breeding, and this means for a long time there will be no litters.


October 2018:

On 14th of September my very special girl Kamma (Campanard's Izabella) gave birth to her 3rd litter - a black and tan girl and a ruby girl. Sire is IntCh Riverdale of an Excellent Choice. I am super grateful to his breeder and owner Natasja Moonen for letting me use this beautiful boy!

I am looking forward to watch these two girls grow up, on the photo only 10 days old. 

October 2018:

Cepos Barbabeau SECH.jpg

And more show news....

This beautiful diploma arrived in the mailbox and confirms, that Beau has made up Swedish Champion! 

Lovely memories from National Dogshow in Rönneby, where Beau gained the swedish CAC and went BOB under judge Heather Cox, IRL.

This titel mean the most to me and make me proud, as Beau's mother, Campanard's Izabella, is from Sweden. 

September 2018:


Humle has spent some time in Italy. Beautifully taken care of and shown by Alice and Alex, kennel Jambijoux he has now finished for INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION. Also he has achieved the prestigious titel FRENCH CHAMPION - first time this titel has been given a danish bred cavalier.


I am heartfelt grateful to everyone involved in this succes!  

Ch Cepos Bumble Bee

Sire: Dazzler de la Géode

Dam: Campanard's Izabella

Owner: Tine Sofie Kelkjær

Photo: Alex Zalateo

July 2018

It is time for an update on my b/t boy Cepos Barbabeau. 

In the end of May we attended a club show in Germany, where he won his final CAC and thereby finished for the titel German Champion (club and VDH).

With 4 years he also got a new clear heart certificate (auscultation and doppler). He was graded according to the danish grading scheme; murmur 0 - prolapse 1. Same result as when he was 2 years old.  

May 2018:

In summer 2016 we shipped frozen semen from Beau and Humle to Canada. Today I received the great news, that Beau's son made up Canadian Champion only 20 months old.

And what a lovely black and tan boy!

Ch Kewpy's Cepos Kristof

Sire: Ch Cepos Barbabeau

Dam: Kewpy's Fame Monster

Owner: Thomas Faulkner, US

Breeder: Karen Wills, CA